CCTV Equipment Sales and Installations

We are an VASP (Value Added Solutions Partner) partner of camera manufacturer HikvisionHikvision is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions,  through being part of the VASP organisation we can offer the most current support, training and development information, we also have unparalleled access to technical assistance and advice on all projects where Hikvision equipment is involved. Founded in 2001 Hikvision is a global leading security camera manufacturer, we have a great working relationship with both Hikvision and their distributor meaning we can deal with all enquiries instantly. 

Please see below downloads for Hikvision catalogues, these will give you an idea of the sort of quality camera solutions we can offer you. 

All our sales and installation team are Hikvision academy-trained meaning we can offer you the correct solution as only we know-how. With our expert experience and knowledge we can offer systems for farms, offices, warehouses, retail units and all domestic applications. You name it and we can give you a camera solution for it.


Furthermore we also have vast experience in the bizarre, whether this is installing a system to extend you Wi-Fi coverage over a larger area, pinging your Wi-Fi signal to other buildings (even with no line of sight) or setting up systems with either no power, no Wi-Fi or both.


For all enquires in the first instance please contact the office on 01280 847305, we can then deal with your enquiry and put you in touch with one of our dedicated team who will assist you from start to finish.