About Us

Miracle Tech Ltd is the brainchild of award-winning livestock farmer George Coles. George was runner-up in the Outstanding Producer for Innovation England and Wales category at the M&S Farming for the Future Awards 2016. In the same year he was also nominated for the McDonalds Outstanding Farmer Awards and a Countryside Alliance Rural Oscar. In 2017 he was again nominated for the McDonalds Awards, this time he won the Outstanding Beef Farmer category, was 4th in the overall competition and made the finals of the British Farming Awards. 

Miracle Tech Ltd was runner-up in the 2018 Royal Dairy Innovation Awards, won the 4D4F innovation awards in the same year and was again runner-up in the Royal Dairy Innovation Awards in 2020.


Miracle Tech Agricultural is the place to buy innovative technology for the agricultural  industry. George has never been afraid of using new technology to help him; he was an early user of the Moocall calving sensor, imported a piece of kit from America to assist in rearing a very special little girl (more on her in a minute) and has been using thermal imaging technology since 2014. In this time he has gathered much data on how thermal imaging can be used to help save time and money. Miracle Tech Ltd can supply and install a whole range of thermal imaging cameras in the agricultural industry being a VASP partner of Hikvision. 

Our MooCam camera system really is a game changer when you need to monitor your stock at important times of the year like calving or lambing.


Miracle Tech Ltd is also an official supplier and installer for all of Hikvision's CCTV products. If you want to install CCTV in your farm, house, industrial units, shops or offices we can provide you with a service second to none. Miracle Tech staff are fully Hikvision academy trained and as a VASP partner we have unparalleled access to technical assistance and advice at any time. 


As the saying goes "mighty oaks from little acorns grow" and Miracle Tech Ltd is certainly proving this. Miracle Tech Ltd got its name because of a very special little girl. It is named after a heifer born back in 2014 who we had a major part in raising. When we established the company in 2017 Miracle was still with us. Unfortunately due to a major shoulder injury we have since lost her but she will always live on in Miracle Tech!