UPC Core - Thermal Infrared Core suitable to be used for Process & Control Applications


The UPC Core is the bestselling IR temperature measurement camera for the Process & Control Industry for several reasons.
The first being its size, it is very small, with only being slightly bigger than a 2 pound coin and it weighs 145g. This makes the UPC Core a very adaptable product allowing it to fit easily into any processing machine for industry monitoring. Due to its compact structure, it can be integrated into existing surveillance systems easily whether it’s a dome or fixed camera. Real-time 24-hour monitoring can then be carried out in all weather.
The UPC Core can has a variety of IR Detectors available, that allows the user to tailor the camera’s specifications to their application or industry. It has accurate temperature measurement as the UPC Core has a thermal sensitivity of 50mK@30°c, F1. (Based on 384x288, 640x480 IR detector). It can capture slight temperature changes that are clearly displayed in the images the UPC captures.
The UPC is a highly integratable module; it only requires 8-12V DC power supplies, which means it can be run off a battery if there is no power supply available nearby. The UPC has a stable; low consumption of power less than 3W that means the module will operate for a long duration.
There are a wide range of optional lenses available that make the UPC core a tailor-made product based on the user’s industry and applications. These lenses include telephoto or wide-angle lenses that will increase the users field of view (FOV). Different lenses can be selected to increase the camera distance or width of view.
When buying the UPC Core, you will receive a power cable & adaptor, calibration certificate, and a standard cable.



  •        80x80, 160x120, 384x288, 640x480 IR Detector
  •        Accurate Temperature Measurement
  •        Measurement Tools
  •        Compact, Lightweight Design
  •        Optional Lenses available on request
  •        IP40

Camera Name

UPC Core

UPC Specification

80x80    160x120    384x288    640x480

FOV/Minimum Focus Distance

51.6°x38.7°/O.3m 22.4°x16.8°/0.3m 16°x12°/0.3m 48°x36°/0.3m

Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)

100mK@30°C.#F1.0, 60mK@30°C,#F1.0. 50mK@30°C, F1.0. 50mK@30C,F1.0.

Detector Type

Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer

Spectral Range


Focus Mechanism

Fixed Lens


9.5mrad 2.4mrad 0.89mrad 1.3mrad



Temperature Range

-20°C+150°C (-4°F TO 482°F, UP TO 600°C/1112°F (Optional)


±2% Or ±2°% Of Reading

Measurement Tools

Centre Spot, Auto Hot/Cold spot, Isotherm

Temperature Alarms


Set-up Controls


Measurement Corrections

Ambient Temperature/Emissivity Correction/Distance/Humidity




-15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)


-40°C to 70°C (-104°F to +158°F)


95% relative humidity, non-condensing



Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)



145g (Standard Unit)





Power Input

DC 8-12V Output to camera

Video Output

Output the composite video in NTSC@60Hz/PAL@50Hz format


Controlling and setting

Optional Parts


Optional Lens [2] 80x80

3.5mm: 51.6°x38.7°/0.3m Customised

Optional Lens [2] 160x120

6mm:38.2°x 28.6° 10.3mm: 22.4°x16.8°

35mm: 6.4°x4.8°

Optional Lens[2] 384x288

6.8mm:47°x35° 10mm: 30°x22° 19mm: 16°x12° 35mm: 9°x7°

Optional Lens [2] 640x480

9mm: 73°x53.5° 13mm: 48°x36° 25mm: 24°x18°



[1] Data base on the 384×288 camera with 19mm lens
[2] Different lenses will cause different size and weight of the whole camera
[3] Only UPC measurement version cameras have the temperature measurement function


Please be aware specifications may be revised without notifications