TWS-75 / 100 Thermal Scope Solutions


TWS-75 and TWS-100 models have been designed to meet the special application for the reconnaissance and battlefield environment, these are ideal for gamekeepers, stalkers or anyone involved in vermin control.

The housing is a full metal sealed casing that offers IP67 encapsulation and the black oxidation surface reduces any reflection and hence reduces detection for the operator.

At the heart of the TWS series of equipment is the 3rd generation of thermal detectors (Uncooled Focal plane Arrays) that are able to detect lower temperature differences that then gives the operator a sharper Image that in turn assists in the identification of the target detection. 

Manual Focus and digital push button zoom means a quiet operation and ensures the operator’s location is note compromised.

Different lens and resolutions are available on request.


Due to the nature of these products if you require more info or the technical information then please contact us.


Please be aware specifications may be revised without notifications