G96– Performance Thermography Camera


The G96 is our latest Performance Thermal Imaging camera, which will deliver very clear and detailed images and video that is suitable to be used in any professional thermal imaging survey.

The G96 camera has 640x480 IR detector that generates 307200 pixels which is currently the highest number of pixels that our thermography camera can offer. It also has a very high thermal sensitivity of 50Mk (0.05°c @ 30°c, 50/60Hz) that allows the G96 to display the sharpest images with superior quality.

The G96 Infrared camera offers three imaging modes these are Infrared (IR), Digital (CCD) AND Duo Vision, which allows the user to move the infrared image overlay and alter the transparency to suit their application. The user can save a total of 6 hours’ non-radiometric thermal video footage onto a 16GB micro SD Card. The thermal video footage is saved in MP4 format, which can be played on any generic media player. Images from the G96 can be transferred with temperature data in real time to a PC or tablet via a USB Cable.

The G96 has a 5” Detachable LCD Screen, which makes working in hazardous areas and on long thermal surveys easier for the user. The detachable remote control unit can be operated in either the left of right hand and allows full access to the camera functions.

The G96 comes with a wide range of measurement tools which include 10 movable spots, auto hot/cold spot, 1 line profile, temperature alarms isotherm and 4 area boxes.

The G96 has optional lenses available that increase the image quality and Field of View (FOV), currently the following lenses are available on request, 9° 3x, 12°2x, 48° increases the field of View.

When buying the G96 you will receive a battery charger, batteries, SD card, Calibration Cert, Bluetooth headset and USB Cable. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from us.



  •         640x480 IR Detector
  •         IR/CCD/Duo Vision
  •         5” Detachable LCD Screen with remote control
  •         Optional Lenses Available
  •         Laser Pointer
  •         Measurement Tools


Camera Name




Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)


Detector Type

FPA, uncool microbolometer

Spectral Range

8 – 14 um

Field of View


Focus Mechanism




Temperature Range

-20°C~ +600°C, up to +2000°C


±2°C or ±2 of readings

Measurement Tools

10 movable spots,auto hot/cold spot, line profile, isotherm, 4 area boxes

Temperature Alarms


Measurement Corrections

Ambient Temperature, Emissivity Correction, Distance, Relative Humidity




-20°C~ +50°C


- 40°C~ +70°C


10% ~ 95%, non-condensing



Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)





327mm x143mm x170mm



Power Input

DC 8V-11V

Video Output

NTSC (60hZ) or PAL (50Hz) Composite Video



Optional Parts


Available optional Lenses

Close-up, 7°, 12°, 48°


 Please be aware specifications may be revised without notifications