Daniel Nutt


Mobile: 07736 316771


Dan throughout a varying career primarily centred around logistics has been in many types of different settings.

With this has brought a wider outside the box knowledge when it comes to security which has been paramount throughout..

Worked within

  • Warehouse and logistics environment
  • Pharmaceutical inventory and controlled drugs
  • Agriculture parts and inventory
  • Medical equipment hire and supply into hospitals for surgeries
  • Transportation of persons in a High end environment
  • Events and hospitality







George Coles


Office:01280 847305

Mobile: 07751 414265


George is the founder and managing director of Miracle Tech. He has a wealth of experience with all types of CCTV equipment and installs, George also has a lot of experience in dealing with difficult jobs where Wi-Fi is either very slow or non existent. George heads up the agricultural division and supports Dan in this sector, he is always available for advice or after sales support