BioSentry - Security + Biosecurity = Peace of Mind


BioSentry is a direct replacement for your visitor sign in forms or book.

Current legisltation and guidelines either require or advise that you keep the details of every visitor to your facility. All data should be kept in an easily accessable manner without the possibility of alteration or destruction. They have to be GDPR compliant and retained for between 3 and 5 years depending on industry guidelines.

Bio Sentry solves this problem by replacing the handwritten forms or books with an electronic registration system. Signing in and out is done electronically with no need to enter any data on site. Everyone due to visit needs to register only once and download the free BioSentry App to their mobile device.

GDPR  with BioSentry all data is stored off site and you will be provided with a certificate to confirm that this aspect of your operation is fully compliant.

Low Cost  BioSentry is a subscription based system, the yearly costs are in the hundreds as opposed to thousands per year. When you take into account the inconvenience of administering a form of book-type system we believe BioSentry will actually save you money.

Simplicity  BioSentry is simple to use and eliminates all the complicated forms etc.

Prevention of Disease Spread  If a visitor to your site has been in an area where there is a disease risk or outbreak BioSentry will alert you to this immediately, with this information you can then not only protect your livestock but also help in the spread of disease.

Security  BioSentry means that people will no longer be able to enter your premises under false presences (as it has been done in some cases by activists or reporters with hidden cameras). Every visitor is verified upon BioSentry registration.