In 2014 whilst at an agricultural show George came across a company selling thermal imaging cameras. Not being afraid of using new technology and knowing that they were used in the equine world he took a punt and brought one there and then.

He used this camera successfully to help him monitor the livestock in his care, checking for any possible problems with their feet / hips / shoulders. It helped him to reduce antibiotic usage: the policy for treating lame animals had always been to give them both antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine as instructed by the vet. He now checks for where the problems are using thermal cameras to find the hotspots and treats accordingly. This has led to the almost zero use of medication in the treatment of lame animals and with it a massive cost saving.

George then started to look at how else thermal imaging could be used around the stock, he soon realised that the initial camera he had brought was Ok but not really up to the job. He decided it would be better to invest in a more expensive unit with a lot better output (pixels), he also decided it was time to perhaps let a manufacturer know about his projects and his plans for the future of thermal imaging in agriculture. This led to the meeting with Satir, with whom we are now working with to develop our ideas even further. This has also resulted in us becoming their sole agent for the agricultural sector in the UK and Ireland.